Winner Announced for the Beth Calabotta Sustainable Education Grant

Feb 23, 2024 | Corporate News, News, News Release


JEFFERSON CITY, MO – The Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation has awarded the Beth Calabotta Sustainable Education Grant to Pranab Adhikari. Adhikari is currently pursuing a computer science degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also works as a data analyst intern at the City of Madison where he is involved in overseeing the implementation of initiatives such as the B100 biodiesel pilot programs actively contributing to the operation of almost 500 diesel assets on blends of B5, B20 and B100. This grant provides Adhikari the opportunity to attend this year’s Clean Fuels Sustainability Workshop where he will share his work with industry and scientific leaders in the field.

“The journey into biomass-based diesel is not just a career choice for me, it’s a personal commitment to environmental stewardship and the promotion of sustainable alternatives,” Adhikari wrote in his application. “My experience has taught me that the intersection of technology and alternative fuels is where innovation thrives, and it is this intersection that I aim to explore and contribute to in my future endeavors.”

The Beth Calabotta Sustainable Education Grant was established to help deserving students interested in clean fuels, science and research. The grant honors scientist and past Foundation director Beth Calabotta. Her legacy and dedication to biodiesel sustainability made a tremendous impact on the industry.

“First offered in 2018, this grant continues Beth’s efforts to encourage students in science and research,” said Tom Verry, executive director of the Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation. “Pranab’s passion, dedication and ongoing work in the field showcases exactly what this grant was meant to support. Beth would be proud.”

About the Beth Calabotta Sustainable Education Grant
Beth had an unquenchable love for agriculture and life-sciences. Later in her career, Calabotta’s efforts focused almost solely on the development of biofuels as viable energy alternatives to conventional fuels. Based on Calabotta’s work, the Foundation and the Clean Fuels Alliance America Board want to continue building on the idea that adopting innovative technologies and diversifying markets will produce environmental benefits that can be documented through research and data.

About the Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation
The Foundation works closely with Clean Fuels Alliance America to address national issues affecting us all — cleaner air, greater economic development for rural communities and enhanced national security through energy independence. Organized in 1994, the mission of the Foundation is to accomplish outreach, education, research, and demonstration activities for the advancement of biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuels. For more information, visit the Clean Fuels Alliance Foundation website.

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