Clean Fuels Policy Priorities

Champions of Progress

Our dedicated team of clean fuels experts champion progress at the state and federal levels. Clean Fuels Alliance America advocates on behalf of its members in regulatory and legislative issues to advance the growth of biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel in the United States.

Requires transportation fuel sold in the United States to include annually set volumes of advanced clean fuels such as biomass-based diesel.

Federal tax credits adopted by Congress incentivize homegrown production and market access for biodiesel, renewable diesel and SAF.

Clean Fuels’ Fair-Trade Coalition supports fair trade in the biodiesel market, advocating for trade protections against unfairly subsidized and dumped biodiesel imports.

Clean Fuels advocates for funding on a variety of USDA programs to help increase consumer access to biodiesel through infrastructure grants, education and producer support payments.
Striving to enhance state low-carbon fuel programs, Bioheat® fuel standards, biodiesel tax incentives, and market access policies to meet the needs of a growing clean fuels market.
Supporting elected officials who understand and support the domestic biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel industries.