Renewable Fuel Standard

Two rows of soybean plants during early summer. Primary development of green mass still in progress, plant hasn't reach its generative phase. Low angle shot. Visible soil between rows. Modern production process.

Driving Growth for Clean Fuels

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) supports sustainable growth of the clean fuels market in America. RFS requires transportation fuel sold in the United States to include annually set volumes of clean fuels. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the required RFS volumes each year and maintains data on production and use.

Since the creation of the RFS, the biodiesel and renewable diesel market in the United States has grown from a few hundred million to more than 3 billion gallons annually.

Clean Fuels Alliance America provides critical data on the availability of raw materials in America. To support the continued growth of our industry, this data represents all the feedstocks used to produce biodiesel and renewable diesel, including soy, canola and other vegetable oils, recycled cooking oil and greases, and animal fats. Clean Fuels and our members engage with the EPA throughout the year to provide updated data on resource availability, as well as to comment on proposed rules and testify at public hearings.

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