Clean Fuels Alliance America has created these one page infographics available for download.

Clean Fuels tracks national statistics on biodiesel and renewable diesel production, its economic impact, environmental value, and social benefits. Clean Fuels also works with state associations to track state-level and regional impacts.



Title Type Size
  2019 Food and Fuel pdf 885 KB Download2019 Food and Fuel
  2019 Greenhouse Gas Benefit pdf 1310 KB Download2019 Greenhouse Gas Benefit
  2019 New York pdf 478 KB Download2019 New York
  2020 California pdf 489 KB Download2020 California
  2020 Compatibility pdf 3258 KB Download2020 Compatibility
  2020 Connecticut pdf 541 KB Download2020 Connecticut
  2020 Electric Heat Pumps pdf 996 KB Download2020 Electric Heat Pumps
  2020 Low Carbon Fuel Standard pdf 274 KB Download2020 Low Carbon Fuel Standard
  2020 Massachusetts pdf 1797 KB Download2020 Massachusetts
  2020 Minnesota pdf 573 KB Download2020 Minnesota
  2020 Missouri pdf 477 KB Download2020 Missouri
  2020 North East pdf 526 KB Download2020 North East
  2020 Ohio pdf 337 KB Download2020 Ohio
  2020 Oregon Washington pdf 133 KB Download2020 Oregon Washington
  2020 Renewable Diesel Better Together a pdf 2782 KB Download2020 Renewable Diesel Better Together a
  2020 Renewable Diesel Better Together b pdf 2778 KB Download2020 Renewable Diesel Better Together b
  2020 Rhode Island pdf 429 KB Download2020 Rhode Island
  2020 South Dakota pdf 374 KB Download2020 South Dakota
  2021 Cold Flow pdf 447 KB Download2021 Cold Flow
  2022 Illinois pdf 988 KB Download2022 Illinois
  2022 Iowa pdf 613 KB Download2022 Iowa
  2022 Louisiana pdf 519 KB Download2022 Louisiana
  2022 Texas pdf 483 KB Download2022 Texas
  2022 Washington pdf 142 KB Download2022 Washington
  Biodiesel + Renewable Diesel pdf 451 KB DownloadBiodiesel + Renewable Diesel

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