Clean Fuels Welcomes §40B SAF GREET Model

May 1, 2024 | Federal Affairs, News, News Release, SAF, Tax Incentive


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Clean Fuels Alliance America expressed appreciation to USDA, the U.S. Treasury, Argonne National Labs, the Department of Energy, and other federal agencies for finalizing updates to the GREET model that will allow taxpayers to use it in calculating 2023-2024 sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) blender tax incentives (§40B). The updates for the first time recognize the carbon benefits of some of the climate smart agriculture practices that U.S. farmers are already utilizing.

Clean Fuels urges USDA and Treasury to further update the GREET model to include additional climate smart agriculture practices specific to oilseed crops and quickly finalize rules for the 2025-2027 tax incentives (§45Z Clean Fuel Production Credit), which will support U.S. biodiesel, renewable diesel, and SAF producers.

“Clean Fuels and its members appreciate the significant work of USDA and other federal agencies to account for the role that U.S. farmers will play in decarbonizing the nation’s aviation fuel,” said Kurt Kovarik, Vice President of Federal Affairs for Clean Fuels. “U.S. farmers and SAF producers will continue to work with the agencies to rapidly expand SAF production over the next few years.”

Clean Fuels continues to assess the changes to the GREET model unveiled today, including updated indirect emission penalties for U.S. oilseed crops like soy and canola. Clean Fuels believes there is more work to be done to enable credit for climate smart agriculture practices that U.S. farmers are deploying.

“Biodiesel, renewable diesel, and SAF producers are already negotiating feedstock and fuel offtake contracts for 2025, so we look forward to working with Treasury and USDA to quickly turn attention to guidance for the Clean Fuel Production Credit that begins on January 1 next year.” Kovarik added. “We believe there are additional climate smart agriculture practices and industry data that can be incorporated in the GREET model to support the continued sustainable growth of the entire clean fuel industry.”

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Made from an increasingly diverse mix of resources such as recycled cooking oil, soybean oil, and animal fats, the clean fuels industry is a proven, integral part of America’s clean energy future. Clean Fuels Alliance America is the U.S. trade association representing the entire biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel supply chain, including producers, feedstock suppliers and fuel distributors. Clean Fuels receives funding from a broad mix of private companies and associations, including the United Soybean Board and state checkoff organizations.