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Clean Fuels - Fueling Conversations

May 6, 2022, 13:44 PM
Expanded study on the health benefits of adopting biodiesel, renewable diesel and Bioheat® Fuel finds use would reduce premature deaths and reduce cancer risks while improving asthma symptooms.


In the most recent episode of Fueling Conversations, a content partnership with Brownfield Ag News, Floyd Vergara, director of state governmental affairs with Clean Fuels Alliance America, discusses study findings including how low-carbon fuel can reduce cancer risks, decrease premature deaths, and alleviate asthma complications.

This study conducted by Trinity consultants for Clean Fuels, expanded from 13 cities in the initial study to a total of 27 cities. Environmental Justice communities were of particular focus for the study as are often situated in industrial districts. 

"What the study found is significant benefit in terms of reducing cancer cases and then a number of non cancer benefits," says Vergara. "The Trinity study really puts a bright light on the human health costs and benefits of switching over to biodiesel from petroleum diesel." 

 Listen to the interview HERE.

Over the next two months, subject matter experts will share their insight into the growth of the industry and its impact on agriculture, the environment and energy diversification through a series of interviews that will air across Brownfield Ag News networks through June.

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