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Clean Fuels - Fueling Conversations

Jun 6, 2022, 14:47 PM
The outlook for biodiesel is strong, especially for new markets.


In the most recent episode of Fueling Conversations, a content partnership with Brownfield Ag News, Clean Fuels Director of Outreach and Development Tom Verry shares his insight into the benefits of biodiesel and opportunities for growth in various markets including marine, rail, home heating, and more.

“The marketplace, the consumers and a lot of corporations out there, are looking for ways ways to reduce carbon and reduce their carbon footprint and biodiesel is by far the lowest cost low carbon fuel out there so we are seeing interest from markets on biodiesel that we’ve never seen in the past, such as marine and rail. Verry says. “We’re having great discussions with both industries on how we move forward getting more blends of biodiesel in both applications in the large ocean-going ships and mainline railroads.”

Listen to the interview HERE

Clean Fuels is wrapping up a 13-week content partnership with Brownfield where subject matter experts discuss growth of the industry and its impact on agriculture, the environment and energy diversification through a series of interviews that air across Brownfield Ag News networks.

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