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Clean Fuels – The Economic Benefits Keep Growing

February 16, 2023

Clean fuels production supports 75,200 jobs across the U.S. economy.


As demand for clean fuels continues to grow, consumption of biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel reached 3.1 billion gallons in 2021 and drove $23.2 billion in economic activity.

“The biodiesel and renewable diesel industry is growing steadily to meet demand for better, cleaner fuels in heavy-duty transportation and new markets such as rail, marine and aviation,” said Clean Fuels CEO Donnell Rehagen.

At last measure, production of biodiesel and renewable diesel supported 75,200 jobs across the entire clean fuels value chain, according to a study released by LMC International in 2022.

The study, based on 2021 market data, shows that 41% of the total economic impact is attributable to clean fuel producers and accounts for 17,120 U.S. jobs earning $880 million in wages.

The farm sector has also seen impressive gains with 30% of the overall economic activity. Production and collection of raw materials alone generated $7.41 billion in economic activity and supported 28,236 U.S. jobs.

Oilseed processing plants across the nation benefitted at 20%, generating $4.97 billion in economic activity. This sector sustained 6,024 U.S. jobs paying $380 million in wages.

Finally, waste grease recycling and animal fat rendering saw $560 million in wages for the 14,661 jobs it created.

From the field to the fuel pump, the value created by clean fuels can be seen across multiple economic sectors, and market projections indicate that it will continue to grow.   

“Our vision remains to double in size to 6 billion gallons of production annually here in the United States by the end of this decade,” said Rehagen. “That growth can generate additional jobs and increase economic opportunities for growers, fuel producers and other economic sectors.”

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