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Clean Fuels Alliance America is organized exclusively to promote the common business interests of those parties seeking to advance the use of biodiesel, renewable diesel or sustainable aviation fuel that meets ASTM standards. To advance these common interests, the Clean Fuels will admit to membership, on a nondiscriminatory basis, any industry member or supporter who meets the member requirements.

Biodiesel: the mono alkyl esters of long-chain fatty acids that are derived from animal fats or vegetable oils and that meet or exceed the specifications of ASTM D6751 or any legal successor thereto.

Renewable Diesel: the hydrocarbon fuel derived from renewable material that meets the specifications of ASTM D975 or its legal successor and also meets the properties below:

  1. i. Oxidation Stability: ASTM D2274 (16h @ 95°); 2.5mg/100mL maximum; and
  2. ii. Oxygen Content: ASTM E385; 100 ppm maximum. 

Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel is produced in a facility dedicated exclusively to the production of biomass-based diesel as defined in the RFS2 rules of the EPA. It does not include co-processed renewable fuel.


Membership Information

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