headshot of Doug Whitehead

Doug Whitehead

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Doug ensures that Clean Fuels Alliance America’s strategic plan, fund development, programs and procedures support the needs of our growing industry. Doug works continuously to improve operations for the company and the Clean Fuels team has the resources and tools they need to execute materials for our valued members. Doug stays closely tuned in to Clean Fuels’ operations and staff, ensuring each team member is best utilized to enhance the clean fuels industry.

Doug has over 18 years of experience in the biodiesel space and 15 years in local elected office. He also spent time managing Clean Fuels Alliance America’s work in Washington D.C., supporting the reinstatement of the biodiesel tax credit, defending the Renewable Fuel Standard Program and fighting against trade cases on illegally traded biodiesel imports.

In 2002, Doug became Clean Fuels Alliance America’s first in-house State Regulatory Director. He served as Director of Operations & Membership from 2008-2017 and assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2017. Born and raised in Missouri, Doug graduated from Kansas State University and currently lives in Jefferson City, MO, where Clean Fuels Alliance America is headquartered.

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